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    Cartier Program

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    Possessing fine Cartier items should be any esteemed person’s desire.  The Cartier program was designed by social engineers from Lavasoft and Bosch Inc.

    Key Points of the Cartier Program:
    • Try our exquisite merchandise before making full purchase.
    • Be the first to know when new or discounted items are announced.
    While our other programs require a previous relationship with us, the Cartier Program does not.  Your monthly membership fee is $1799.
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    Vineyard Program

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    Owning a vineyard can be challenging but extremely rewarding.  Smart people know what it takes to ease some of those challenges.  Join us today to get started.

    Key Points of the Vineyard Program:
    • Direct sourcing solutions for vineyard establishment.
    • Emerging markets familiarization and valuation.
    Before taking your trip to California or Europe, download and read all the available content we make available.  Your yearly membership fee is $7500.
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    RR Program

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    Rolls Royce is the pinnacle of luxury in automobiles.  Social Media Works is proud to offer a unique program that allows its partners to work toward the goal of owning one.

    Key Points of the Rolls Royce Program:
    • Utilizes our proprietary set-and-forget technology.
    • Earn points on every verified promotion.
    Find your most effective social media profile and incorporate this program for maximum gains. Your yearly membership fee is $4999.
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